2018 Quotes and Statistics That Made Me Think

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I continuous work on my listening skills.  To improve this year, I tried to capture quotes and ideas that may me think when I heard them.  As I reviewed my notes, I found several that still made me think deeper about work, life, and everything in between.

Words to Ponder

  • “When do my wrongs stop and my rights begin?” Benny Lee, Incarceration Reentry Specialist (TedX Naperville speaker) who was convicted of multiple crimes as a young adult and served his time, but continues to be “re-sentenced” by society.
  • Staggering statistics. Enough said. Where I live: 60% of residents are obese. 22% of people in the county travel 60+ minutes to work a day.  Cancer is the #1 cause of death in the county.  What are the stats where you live? Nationwide: The US makes up 4.6% of the world’s population, yet consumes 82% of every prescription opioid in the world. As a country, we started the problem.  Now, we need to continue to fix it.
  • “It’s now how you start something; it’s how you finish the matters.” Brian Johnson (Leadership 101 Training). Who started something this year that they did not finish?  Did anyone remember you started it?
  • “It’s a new world. I am glad that I am almost done [with working].  I don’t want to make all of these changes [in my company].”  Discussion between two soon-to-been retirees for a large organization.  Change is hard for employees and organizations.
  • “Sitting is the new smoking.” McHenry County Department of Health Presentation. This statement simply blew my mind.
  • “Create an environment where every employee creates a part of the future [of the organization]. Everyone has the ability to influence.” Mark King, Former President of Adidas North America.  At our core, we all want to have positive impact in our business and personal worlds.

What quotes, stats, or ideas made you think in 2018?  Share yours to make others think either here or on Twitter @CJcued.

Who knows? – One thought-provoking statement could move someone to action or innovation.

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