It’s Time to Explore!

Last year, we had to change and adapt faster than we ever had before.  Organizations were forced to adopt new ways of doing business to stay afloat and keep their employees safe.  We all had to accept change and loss to hold ground while continuing to simultaneously try move forward.   Our roles between work and home morphed and we coped the best way we could.

So what now for small businesses and nonprofits trying to refine and redefine their workplaces?  It’s time to get curious and explore how all of these changes have created potential in your organization and with your employees.

To support exploration, I partner with small businesses and nonprofits to look at how to unleash potential in productivity, leadership, and workplace experiences through professional development opportunities aligned with the organization’s current and future needs.  I bring a fresh perspective to understanding your talent management, succession planning, and organizational communication needs.

My Professional Background

I have worked in business and human resources for over 20 years.  My career has spanned working with for profit and nonprofit organizations in a variety of industries including transportation, customer service, manufacturing, retail, social services, and local government.  My work has focused on the workplace side of business including opportunities to refine processes, lead workplace projects, create and deliver training, support leadership development, strengthen internal communications, and assess workplace culture.  I spend a majority of my time working with small businesses and nonprofits.

Don’t know where to start with needed workplace changes?  Reach out for a complimentary call or Zoom meeting.  I am here to support your organization in identifying what’s the next best direction for your workplace.

Christine Johnson, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, CMS