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I worked for a business that had fruit delivered for its employees several times a week.  I often helped unbox the fruit deliveries in the breakroom.  A couple of times a month, the fruit company included a type of fruit that was unique, one that most people had never tried.  They enclosed a fact card about the fruit and what a taster could expect when eating it.  While many of my fellow employees often made ugly faces at the thought of trying a new fruit, several employees, including myself, liked to try a taste of it.  While I did not like all of the varieties, I did like most.  I learned that I liked many of these unique fruits.  I learned something new.

To celebrate a new school year of learning (okay, may be not so much for the kids), Cued Forward is kicking off a month-long focus on helping you with your personal and professional growth or to simply learn something new.  For employers, share these insights with your employees and help them learn something new and start or continue the discussion of learning and development in your organization.

You will have lots of opportunities to learn something new this month as well as get involved in the Back to Learning Something New celebration.

  • Check out our Blog each week in August: We will publish a blog post to help you improve skills you need in your daily work and personal lives.
  • Follow us on Twitter @cuedforward: We will post a learning tidbit each day. These might be words of wisdom, business insights, or even just fun facts because we all need something a little lighter in our feed.  Like or retweet to show us your love.  Also, share with us something new and positive you learned on any given day using our username or the hashtag #cued4learning.  We will retweet as many of these as we can and share the best of the best in a blog.
  • Sign up for our newsletter: Exclusive content on free learning resources and insightful information on how you can create a personalized development plan.
  • Follow us on LinkedIn: For links and information starting or growing learning and development programs in organizations – no matter the size.
  • Take a look at our growing Learning Provider Directory: Whether you have an established L&D program or are looking to start a business or personal development program, we connect you with learning providers that will complement any program. We are continuously adding new providers who offer outstanding services.
  • And if you are a small, medium, “part time,” or unique learning provider: Throughout the month of August, we are offering an opportunity an opportunity to be listed in our Learning Provider Directory at no cost. Contact us to find out more about this limited-time opportunity.  This includes speakers, coaches, trainers, YouTubers, podcast creators . . .  Nonprofits in need of volunteers?  Find out what we can do for your organization.

We want to help you see that continuous learning is something you are already doing . . . and to how to use it to grow yourself or your business.  Come along for the ride.  It’s going to be a great month of learning.

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