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Joy and Comfort

I caught a few minutes of a morning show today.  Watched the latest updates on the coronavirus.  Heard we are supposed to get more snow tonight.  (Have to love mid-April in Chicago.) I watched a clip of Kelly Clarkson talking about her new song.  Being a huge Kelly .....
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From My Desk: Working from Home

Today may be your first day working from home or one of too many to count days.  I fall in the latter group.  Between my own business, working for a technology company that embraced working from home early on, and working gig jobs where my home office is home base, I .....
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Ta-Da’s Instead of To-Do’s

How much time do you spend creating and working through your to-do list everyday?  I am guessing most of us have one and depending on the day, check items off that did get done.  We usually don’t celebrate that checkmark, either hand-written or digital.  Or even ac.....
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Accepting Praise

Praise /prāz/: The expression of approval or admiration for someone or something. Ongoing performance feedback are buzz words associated with today’s workplace.  Gone for many companies are the one time a year performance feedback sessions where an entire year’s w.....
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Neon thank you sign

Thank a Leader

I have been seeing more than the usual amount of posts and articles on “toxic culture” in the workplace, poor leaders, and ineffective organizations.  And while I do appreciate the opportunity to continue to learn about these topics, I felt that this blog should no.....
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Ask Your Employees This One Question Now

I read a piece by columnist Mary Schmich in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune that got me thinking deeper about why employees leave their jobs. The piece focused on this question: “What’s a hard thing about your job that no one understands?”  Answers included “patienc.....
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Call to Action for Class of 2019 Applies to the Workplace

My nephew graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago.  While I was looking forward to seeing him graduate, I was not necessarily looking forward to the rest of the ceremony.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with many of the speeches, especially the principal.....
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Spring Thaw: Clutter in the Workplace

It’s spring thaw time in Chicago.  And the melting snow revealed many surprises in the yard of my house.  I have broken walkway lights, branches down, and various paper products that escaped on garbage day.  The melting snow also revealed some good things as well &.....
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Would You Use the Word “Love” to Describe Your Current Job?

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Mark Twain I heard two polar-opposite comments related to people and their jobs last week. First, I heard a crazy statistic on the radio.  Eighty percent of employees seriously st.....
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