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The Power of the Follow Up

No matter what size your organization, how you manage your hiring process plays an important role filling open positions.  Included in this should be how your organization handles communication and follow up with job candidates.  With low unemployment and lots of open.....
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We All Have Balloons and Suitcases in the Workplace

Have you heard the expression that everyone has baggage?  While we cannot see people’s baggage, we know that their past experiences and current situations fill these suitcases and impact how they act or respond to situations.  Usually the “contents” of these sui.....
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Evaluate to Fill Jobs

I recently interviewed a perspective a candidate for an outside sales position.  During the conversation, he told me that he takes time after every sales call and evaluates how it went.  He said that even though he has a successful process, he evaluates each call beca.....
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Work and the Workplace: Be Part of the Narrative

“Let me be part of the narrative in the story they will write someday.”- Eliza Hamilton in Hamilton, An American Musical Spring often means starting new and growth.  And for me as a consultant, I took this opportunity to redefine what I do and why I am doing it.  .....
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Coworking Groups: Lessons for Your Workplace

With the rise of the gig economy has come the creation and growth of coworking spaces.  Whatever definition you use, the definition of coworking has some common characteristics: Shared workspace Where people from different organizations, career-levels, and roles Work i.....
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How this shoe is a sign of workplace respect

Workplace Respect and Dedication: We Need More Ricky’s!

This is a follow up to our last blog on lack of respect in the workplace.  Since much of what we hear every day is negative, I wanted to share a positive employee respect story.  If you have your own story of how your co-workers show workplace respect and dedication, .....
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Small Biz: Are You Positively Impacting Your Community?

My local paper recently published an article titled “Make 2018 the Year of the Nonprofit.”  The piece described how organizations can participate in their communities by volunteering and gave suggestions of some local volunteer opportunities. The article also discu.....
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Cued Forward’s 2017 Best and What To Take Into 2018

Looking back to move forward, here are Cued Forward’s top five Blogs of 2017.  Two are focused on employee development.  Two are about how to overcome communication challenges in organizations.  And our number one blog from last year – it’s about being thankful.....
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