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Accepting Praise

Praise /prāz/: The expression of approval or admiration for someone or something. Ongoing performance feedback are buzz words associated with today’s workplace.  Gone for many companies are the one time a year performance feedback sessions where an entire year’s worth of work, metrics, and development are clumped into one massive feedback talk with 1-5 rating… Read more »

How to Set Your Own Personal Development Goals

“Success is the progressive realization of predetermined, worthwhile, personal goals.” – Paul J. Meyer, businessman & author Do you check in with yourself to see if your personal development is on the right track? Do you have goals guiding you on this track?  If no, then you may be missing out some key areas of your… Read more »

Gems of Learning

I have been blessed this year with opportunities to hear some fantastic speakers and have insightful conversations.  I know these experiences were great because I can remember the presentation and I took lots of notes.  To this I say- “Big deal!”  While all of this is positive, not reviewing my notes or using what I… Read more »

Why We Listen During Presentations

I am a continuous learning aficionado. I have sat through many conference sessions, workshops, presentations, and webinars.  Even presented a numerous times myself.  Through all of these experiences, I see three main reasons why we listen during presentations as opposed to tuning the speaker out. You are like me The speaker is genuinely relatable to… Read more »

The Summer Learning Shift: Cool and Casual

Attention employers and employees: Summer is here! June rolls around and things feel different in many offices.  The kids are out of school, the weather is warmer, shorts may be allowed and workplaces begin to see the summer learning shift to casual learning that occurs when the weather is warmer.  This is the time when… Read more »

Employee Development as a Retention Tool

The belief that leaders are born and not made is dead.  If this was true, recruiters would have even a greater challenge trying to fill leadership roles. With the fast-paced, ever-changing workplace of today, employee development in organizations is key to developing a pipeline of internal candidates and reducing turnover.  As discussed in a previous… Read more »

Understanding Adult Learning Theory Basics in the Workplace

In a previous three-part blog, we focused on in-person learning options, online learning options, and unique learning options.  We have also focused on understanding the different styles of adult learners.  To dig deeper, we are going to look at some adult learning theory basics to help understand how employees learn and what they need from… Read more »

Springtime Learning Opportunities

In our last blog, I discussed passion and how it is key in workplace learning.  To take professional learning driven by one’s passion to another level, we will look at some training options available Spring/Summer 2017 for your employees.  The in-person learning opportunities are located throughout northern and central Illinois while the online learning options… Read more »

Passion and Learning: Uniquely Tied Together in the Workplace

I love watching people who work in a job where not only is their true passion showcased through the work that they do, but flows freely into conversations, other interests, and what new things they learn. See I believe passion and learning are uniquely tied together in the workplace. People who know their passion want… Read more »

Unlock Your Employees from Their Desks with Lunch and Learns

Recent polls show that over 60% of Americans eat lunch at their desks.  They do this for a variety of reasons ranging from simply wanting to avoid the lunchroom to saying there is not enough time to get things done.  While at least employees are eating lunch, they are not decompressing from their day, they… Read more »