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Positive Communication Rebels

Negativity surrounds us every day.  From the media to co-worker gossip, we are faced with a non-stop ambush of negative information and feedback.  Even the word “rebel” in the title has a negative connotation. But does it have to?  For five minutes, I would like to acknowledge three positive communication rebels who are striking down… Read more »

Overcoming 3 Benefits Communication Obstacles

Benefits are important to employees, but in their time-short, sleep-deprived, cash-strapped world, benefits are not necessarily high on the “completely understood” list. I want to share three obstacles I have experienced regarding the importance of understanding employee benefits.  I also want to share with you three actionable takeaways. Whether you are an employer offering benefits… Read more »

5 Types of Employee Benefit Communication Errors

This blog is the first in a two-part series on benefit communication errors and bad benefit coverage assumptions. With benefits open enrollment right around the corner for many organizations, now is a great time to evaluate the success of employee benefits communication plans.  I have learned during my career that a consistent, multi-avenue approach is… Read more »

Contradictory Communication

Recently, I was driving a rental car to the suburbs north of Atlanta.  While I had an idea of where I was going, I decided to use my phone’s GPS to help guide me. En route, I realized that I needed to go to another location first so I entered new GPS information. I exited… Read more »

New Perspectives Help Steer Your Own Personal Growth

I recently was asked to speak with a woman about her resume.  She was directed to me by someone who said she needed a new perspective on her job search.  The woman was trying to restart her career after going through a terrible family crisis.  Many people gave her resume and interview advice, but she… Read more »

Importance of Vacation

Ah summer.  The time when many of us take a vacation.  But wait you say.  No time for vacation.  No money for vacation.  Afraid you’ll lose your job if you take vacation time.  This blog is for all of the save-my-vacation time and don’t-need-a-vacation employees and the employers who let this happen. With so much… Read more »

Why We Listen During Presentations

I am a continuous learning aficionado. I have sat through many conference sessions, workshops, presentations, and webinars.  Even presented a numerous times myself.  Through all of these experiences, I see three main reasons why we listen during presentations as opposed to tuning the speaker out. You are like me The speaker is genuinely relatable to… Read more »

The Summer Learning Shift: Cool and Casual

Attention employers and employees: Summer is here! June rolls around and things feel different in many offices.  The kids are out of school, the weather is warmer, shorts may be allowed and workplaces begin to see the summer learning shift to casual learning that occurs when the weather is warmer.  This is the time when… Read more »

Employee Development as a Retention Tool

The belief that leaders are born and not made is dead.  If this was true, recruiters would have even a greater challenge trying to fill leadership roles. With the fast-paced, ever-changing workplace of today, employee development in organizations is key to developing a pipeline of internal candidates and reducing turnover.  As discussed in a previous… Read more »

Learning Using All Five Senses

I want you to come with me on a short journey to San Antonio, Texas where I recently went on a business/leisure trip. While there, I learned a ton even though I was not there for any type of formal internal or external training program.  What I learned came from learning by using my five… Read more »