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Roll Call for Learning: Be Present

I hold two professional certifications that require me to earn credits by attending or participating in events to keep my certifications current. For years, I attended events with a primary thought of “I am earning my credits,” a secondary thought of “I might learn something I need or want to learn,” and a third thought… Read more »

The Newspaper Resonates Deeper

I enjoy reading the newspaper every day. I was asked by someone recently why I do this. I responded with this answer, “I learn something each time I read the newspaper.” For me, the newspaper is different than the online and social media information available at a lightning’s pace from almost anywhere. I don’t necessarily… Read more »

What is Your “THIS”? – Lifelong Learning

What is your this, lifelong learning

I was listening to a song by Darius Rucker (aka “Hootie” from Hootie and the Blowfish) called “This”. The basic premise of the song is that everything that happens in life happens for a reason, taking you to where you are today or “this”. As I thought about the song, I reflected on my own… Read more »