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2018 Quotes and Statistics That Made Me Think

I continuous work on my listening skills.  To improve this year, I tried to capture quotes and ideas that may me think when I heard them.  As I reviewed my notes, I found several that still made me think deeper about work, life, and everything in between. Words to Ponder “When do my wrongs stop… Read more »

What’s Your Vert? Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert?

As part of a leadership program, I had to introduce myself to someone I did not know.  During the conversation with my partner, I began describing myself to her.  At the end, she said “So you are an ambivert.” Ambivert?  I had never heard the word.  She told me that an ambivert is a third… Read more »

How to Set Your Own Personal Development Goals

“Success is the progressive realization of predetermined, worthwhile, personal goals.” – Paul J. Meyer, businessman & author Do you check in with yourself to see if your personal development is on the right track? Do you have goals guiding you on this track?  If no, then you may be missing out some key areas of your… Read more »

We All Have Balloons and Suitcases in the Workplace

Have you heard the expression that everyone has baggage?  While we cannot see people’s baggage, we know that their past experiences and current situations fill these suitcases and impact how they act or respond to situations.  Usually the “contents” of these suitcases are negative experiences that are heavy.  And on some days, they suitcases have… Read more »

Learning Using All Five Senses

I want you to come with me on a short journey to San Antonio, Texas where I recently went on a business/leisure trip. While there, I learned a ton even though I was not there for any type of formal internal or external training program.  What I learned came from learning by using my five… Read more »

Why do Employee Training Programs Get a Bad Name?

As a learning enthusiast, I jump at the chance to learn something new.  Whether it be to enhance my professional skills, meet people, or learn something completely different, I do my best to attend learning programs offered to me. Since I know most employees are typically not as enthusiastic about training as I am, I… Read more »

Sometimes We Forget What Dr. Seuss Taught Us

This is the third post in our four-post series celebrating Cued Forward’s Back to School, Back to Learning Something New focus. 8 minute read. For this post, we would like to thank Dr. Seuss for encouraging children to read and his dynamic writing style. We tell our kids to everyday to read, read, read, but… Read more »

In the Spotlight: Grow Your Public Speaking Confidence

This is second post in our four-post series celebrating Cued Forward’s Back to School, Back to Learning Something New focus. This post is a 10-minute read. You know a good public speaker when you hear one.  You may like the person’s presentation style, ability to tell stories, or the clarity of the information. You walk… Read more »

Learning Options Part Three: Unique Learning Options

Unique Learning Options As we have seen with parts one and two of our learning options series, in-person options are the main menu item you might order at a restaurant while online learning is one of those large side dishes that could be eaten as a meal on its own or shared.  If unique learning… Read more »

Learning Options Part Two: Online Options

Going back to thinking of learning options available as ordering from a menu in a restaurant as we did in part one, if we think of in-person learning as the entrée, online learning options are like an extra-large side dish that could almost be eaten as a meal by itself. Not so long ago, online… Read more »