Coworking Groups: Lessons for Your Workplace

Christine Johnson on

With the rise of the gig economy has come the creation and growth of coworking spaces.  Whatever definition you use, the definition of coworking has some common characteristics:

  • Shared workspace
  • Where people from different organizations, career-levels, and roles
  • Work independently
  • Meeting in groups may be membership based with many having fees

According to a Harvard Business Review article, people in coworking groups rate their ability to thrive nearly a six (high) on a seven point scale. This score is significantly higher when compared with those in typical office jobs.  I am part of a coworking group.  And I definitely feel like my work is better and my energy level for work raised when I am working with and around my peers.

Here are 3 tips on how to make your workplace thrive using co-working takeaways:

Coexist Not No-Exist

One reason freelancers often seek out is so they feel less alone.  Coworking gives them an opportunity to expand their network, receive guidance and get referrals.  Even with open concept workspaces, employees often feel disconnected.  Having uncommon work groups at least from time to time can increase employees’ wellbeing and social skills.


Great ideas are generated when you sit with people who have a common goal of getting work done, but not necessarily from the same industry or department.  I know I personally have benefited from being in a coworking group where not one person works in human resources.  Vocal professional.  Digital marketer.  Website designer.  Beekeeper.  Real estate investor.  None of these folks do anything close to what I do, but their thoughts and respectful challenges have provided me great business insight.

Culture Up

While every business would like to think all their employees understand its mission, values and goals, many employees draw a blank stare when asked “What is the purpose of your work here?” When employees feel connected to each other, especially people on other teams, this increases the likelihood that the organization’s goals are understood.  Values are deployed and strengthened.  And employees feel more a part of something bigger than self.

I am blessed to have my coworking group.  They are my social support, sounding board, and concerned citizen.  Are you employees telling you how blessed or happy they feel in your workplace?

Interested to learn more about coworking?  I would be happy to share my story and resources with you.

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