Cued Forward’s 2017 Best and What To Take Into 2018

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Looking back to move forward, here are Cued Forward’s top five Blogs of 2017.  Two are focused on employee development.  Two are about how to overcome communication challenges in organizations.  And our number one blog from last year – it’s about being thankful for work which warms my heart during these cold winter days.

  1. Thankful for Work

Impact for 2018?  Gratitude is shown to have many benefits to both the giver and the receiver.  Let’s rock 2018 with more sincere gratitude at work as well as other places in our lives.  Our organizations need it.  Our world needs it.  And I plan on listening and acknowledging more gratitude this year.  I hope you do the same,

  1. Employee Development as a Retention Tool

Impact for 2018?  I believe this post covers two areas in the workplace, other than money, that are important to both employers and employees: having a great place to work so employees stay and developing employees’ skills and internal career paths.  Employees want a good place to work that also invests in them.  Employers want employees who are engaged and want to stay long-term with the organization.  I believe this is definitely doable. Organizations need to work on both sides of this equation. Stay tuned for my insights and research in 2018.

  1. Contradictory Communication

Impact for 2018? 2017 was the year of contradictory communication in the workplace.  Headline-catching examples included the many breaking news stories about alleged sexual harassment by public figures.  Which were then followed by the accused denying all or some of the accusations. Further followed by the accused employers saying they do not tolerate sexual harassment and subsequent terminations.  Did you follow all those contradictions?  Let’s keep an eye on this in 2018 and see if leaders and organizations learned anything.

  1. Springtime Learning Opportunities

Impact for 2018? Okay, so now it is the winter after the spring.  Start planning your learning opportunities for your year. Get them on personal and organizational calendars now.  And look beyond the big name learning options.  Look local, online, and an on apps.  Got 5 minutes?  You have time to learn something new in 2018.

  1. Overcoming 3 Benefits Communication Obstacles

Impact for 2018?  Benefits, especially health insurance, continues to morph.  (Hear of CVS wanting to buy Aetna?) Communication and finding ways to explain the morphing plus benefits basics, which people often overlook until they need the benefit are more important than ever.  I know many people have learned even more about the word “deductible” this week because for many plans, it reset January 1st.

As I reorganize my business focus in 2018, I still look forward to bringing you insights, thoughts, data, and knowledge relevant to the workplace and employee development.  Let’s see what we are talking about at the end of 2018.  Will there be big surprises like 2017? Shout out to us at @cjnow24 on Twitter about what you think will be biggest workplace news stories of this year.

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