Focused on the Workplace Experience

Christine Johnson

My Why

Throughout my career, I have been lucky to work for organizations that made me want to go to work. I have worked with leaders who were motivated, inspired, and understood the importance of an employee’s experience at work long before it was a topic trending on Twitter or written about in business blogs.  I use my own good (and well, not so good at times) employee experiences, my HR background, and business knowledge to help business leaders use the resources they have to create thriving workplaces.  I partner with business leadership teams and anyone in biz with HR responsibilities to Create, Cultivate, and Care about their workplaces.  I demonstrate how looking at employee hiring, onboarding, learning, benefits, and recognition though a different lens can make a positive difference in their employees’ workplace experience.

Small business owners and leaders often feel restrained in their opportunities to help their workplaces thrive because they are “small.”  Small doesn’t have to mean restricted.  Small means being more creative in the workplace.  And that is where I come in.

Christine Johnson, SHRM-SCP, SPHR
Small Business Owner and Supporter
Purveyor of All Things in the Workplace

Community Involvement

Not only do I work with small businesses to develop a positive footprint in the communities where they are located, I personally give back to fulfill a greater sense of purpose that is rooted in my soul.  Some of the groups I provide support to include Home of the Sparrow (Volunteer), Youth and Family Center of McHenry (Advisory Board Member), The Charmm’d Foundation (Advisory Board Member), Stateline SHRM (Board Member), and McHenry County Workforce Development Network Programs (Volunteer).