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In our last blog, I discussed passion and how it is key in workplace learning.  To take professional learning driven by one’s passion to another level, we will look at some training options available Spring/Summer 2017 for your employees.  The in-person learning opportunities are located throughout northern and central Illinois while the online learning options are available for access anywhere.

In-Person Learning Opportunities for Your Employees

  • Inspire Raving Fans by Branding the “Why”: Want to learn how to build your business’ brand by focusing on why your business exists, why you do what you do, and why should anyone care? This great in-person training in Bloomington, IL will give you the insight you need to build customer loyalty by looking at your business “Why’s.” This program may be available to be presented on site at your business or in another local location.  Contact Cindy Byrd with image potential training and consulting for more information.
  • Ready for your employees to grow their leadership skills? Check out this opportunity: The Path to High Performance Leadership: Emotional Intelligence in Glen Ellyn, IL. Otherwise known as EQ, higher levels of emotional intelligence are linked to higher performance, productivity, better decision making, and success.  If you are interested in attending this workshop, you need to HURRY!  The workshop is on April 19th.  Contact Anna Weselak with Weselak and Associates to discuss bringing this training to your organization.
  • As I discussed in a previous post on libraries, they are a great place to find free learning opportunities. Julie Ostrow, Humor, Laughter and Improve Coach with Go Find the Funny will be presenting a free workshop titled “Life is Improv for Public Speaking” at a Chicago-area library.  Do you like to laugh?  This workshop will include humor and laughter so get ready.  You can also contact Julie about facilitating this program or one of her other improv workshops at your organization.

Online Learning for Your Employees

If you do not live in in northern or central Illinois and are looking for local learning options for employees in your area, please contact us for assistance.  We can help you find some great spring learning opportunities in your area or online.

Share with us great learning opportunities you have either participated in or are signed up to attend in spring/summer 2017 to have them included in our next promoting learning opportunities blog.

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