Ta-Da’s Instead of To-Do’s

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How much time do you spend creating and working through your to-do list everyday?  I am guessing most of us have one and depending on the day, check items off that did get done.  We usually don’t celebrate that checkmark, either hand-written or digital.  Or even acknowledge it is gone because we are so focused on the next task. (There is always another task. And another.)

I recently read a post about creating and maintaining a Ta-Da list where we recognize our accomplishments.  While creating another list seems counterintuitive to productivity, I fully embrace creating this list. How often do we pause in our day to admit we did something RIGHT?  I posted recently about employees who struggle with accepting praise from their managers.  I think even more of us struggle at self-acknowledging our own successes.  Am I right?  When was the last time you stopped your day to give yourself some kudos?

Three real reasons for a Ta-Da List

  • We are our own worst critics. The Ta-Da list helps us focus on the positive things we do, our accomplishments.
  • It’s great to look at on a bad day. Jazz it up and hand write the list with magic markers.  Use emoji’s.  Or use New Times Roman.  Be creative or not.  Just capture your best you.
  • Great resource for a resume if you ever need it. I cannot tell you how many resume clients I have talked to this year who can’t remember their achievements and accomplishments in the past year.  There is a good chance that if you do not write your Ta-Da down close to when it happens you will forget it.  But you will probably remember the things that did not go right.  (Darn negative recall focus.)

So here are a couple of my 2019 Ta-Da’s to get your mind thinking:

  • Graduated from a community leadership program in June.
  • Collaborated with two colleagues to successfully deliver an employer program focused on hiring from a talent pool that is often overlooked – those with a criminal background.
  • Started writing again.

Close out 2019 creating your own Ta-Da list.  This time next year you will be glad you did.

Image Credit: Hawksky/Pixabay

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