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Makings of a Memorable Learning Experience

In a previous blog, I wrote about learning using all 5 senses.  Recently, I had another chance to up my experiential learning with an out-of-the-box experience. While I like to find out-of-the box learning experiences, I sometimes fail to launch on these because I do not like to take risks.  Last week I had the… Read more »

Positive Communication Rebels

Negativity surrounds us every day.  From the media to co-worker gossip, we are faced with a non-stop ambush of negative information and feedback.  Even the word “rebel” in the title has a negative connotation. But does it have to?  For five minutes, I would like to acknowledge three positive communication rebels who are striking down… Read more »

Remember the Pink and Focus on Learning Growth in October

October is National Breast Cancer awareness month. October is also National Learning and Development month.  This the first year that this designation was approved by the Registrar at National Day Calendar.  (Yes, there is a process to getting the day recognized.)  According to the Day Calendar’s website, this month we should “focus on broadening and… Read more »