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Employee Development as a Retention Tool

The belief that leaders are born and not made is dead.  If this was true, recruiters would have even a greater challenge trying to fill leadership roles. With the fast-paced, ever-changing workplace of today, employee development in organizations is key to developing a pipeline of internal candidates and reducing turnover.  As discussed in a previous… Read more »

Understanding Adult Learning Theory Basics in the Workplace

In a previous three-part blog, we focused on in-person learning options, online learning options, and unique learning options.  We have also focused on understanding the different styles of adult learners.  To dig deeper, we are going to look at some adult learning theory basics to help understand how employees learn and what they need from… Read more »

Springtime Learning Opportunities

In our last blog, I discussed passion and how it is key in workplace learning.  To take professional learning driven by one’s passion to another level, we will look at some training options available Spring/Summer 2017 for your employees.  The in-person learning opportunities are located throughout northern and central Illinois while the online learning options… Read more »

Why do Employee Training Programs Get a Bad Name?

As a learning enthusiast, I jump at the chance to learn something new.  Whether it be to enhance my professional skills, meet people, or learn something completely different, I do my best to attend learning programs offered to me. Since I know most employees are typically not as enthusiastic about training as I am, I… Read more »

A Peek at 2017 Learning and Development

With many businesses well into their 2017 planning, it is important for business leaders to understand the current arena of learning and development and how it impacts their business’ bottom-line, morale, and culture.  Here are 4 key trends for organizational learning and development as we head into 2017. Need for effective leadership training is at… Read more »

Local, Affordable In-Person Learning Options

As with online learning, there are many no-cost and low-cost in-person learning options (seminars, workshops, and conferences) employers can utilize, particularly in their local communities. Here are three great places employers can look for free and low-cost in-person local learning opportunities. Libraries Libraries have seen a revitalization in recent years because of a tight economy,… Read more »

Prep Time: Key to Maximum Training Impact

One of the biggest challenges organizations face with offering training programs is whether or not employees are retaining and using what they learned to increase their participation in the workplace.  This could be through increased productivity, better communications with their team, or improved strategic planning.  While the use of targeted metrics to measure goals has… Read more »

Back to School, Back to Learning Something New

I worked for a business that had fruit delivered for its employees several times a week.  I often helped unbox the fruit deliveries in the breakroom.  A couple of times a month, the fruit company included a type of fruit that was unique, one that most people had never tried.  They enclosed a fact card… Read more »

Learning Options Part One: In-Person Options

Choosing the type of learning option you need is like ordering from a menu at a restaurant.  You usually find one or two items you want and maybe ones you want to try in the future. Often, there are so many items on the menu that you are not quite prepared when the server asks… Read more »