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Learning Options Part Three: Unique Learning Options

Unique Learning Options As we have seen with parts one and two of our learning options series, in-person options are the main menu item you might order at a restaurant while online learning is one of those large side dishes that could be eaten as a meal on its own or shared.  If unique learning… Read more »

Learning Options Part Two: Online Options

Going back to thinking of learning options available as ordering from a menu in a restaurant as we did in part one, if we think of in-person learning as the entrée, online learning options are like an extra-large side dish that could almost be eaten as a meal by itself. Not so long ago, online… Read more »

Letter to Younger Learning Self

With graduation season almost here, the commencement speeches will begin to flow and words of wisdom about future selves will be shared.  Here is my reflection to my younger self on how learning experiences starts to fit together. Dear Younger Self, You know you need to learn concepts, reasoning, and skills, but sometimes it seems… Read more »

Continuous Learning: Skill and Sport

An executive manager told me that he does not hire anyone who does not display the desire to continue to learn new things and stay up-to-date on what’s current.  He was head of the IT Department and said neither his employees nor the business could survive in the rapidly changing economic environment without learning this… Read more »

How Do You Want to Learn Today?

Professionals who want to add new learning experiences have more options than ever that do not necessarily mean going back to college. In the past, learning something new often meant following the formal education process of an undergraduate degree and for some, a graduate degree. While this option is still ideal for some, there are… Read more »

The Newspaper Resonates Deeper

I enjoy reading the newspaper every day. I was asked by someone recently why I do this. I responded with this answer, “I learn something each time I read the newspaper.” For me, the newspaper is different than the online and social media information available at a lightning’s pace from almost anywhere. I don’t necessarily… Read more »

What is Your “THIS”? – Lifelong Learning

What is your this, lifelong learning

I was listening to a song by Darius Rucker (aka “Hootie” from Hootie and the Blowfish) called “This”. The basic premise of the song is that everything that happens in life happens for a reason, taking you to where you are today or “this”. As I thought about the song, I reflected on my own… Read more »