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How to Prepare for an Online Learning Experience

Whether you are brand new to using online learning, a seasoned online learning attendance pro, or a leader in charge of coordinating employees for an online program, there are several must do steps to take to maximize your online learning experience. “Houston we have a problem” Online learning is only impactful when the technology works. … Read more »

Tips for Finding Affordable or No-Cost Online Learning Opportunities

The other night, I attended an open house at my child’s high school.  For one of the sessions, I went to a presentation on ways your child can prepare for the SAT. They gave us two suggestions. The first was to have your child read nonfiction, especially newspaper articles since much of the test is… Read more »

Informal Binge Learning: Strength or Weakness?

A few years ago I interviewed for a job.  The interviewer asked me what I would consider my weakness.  I answered with the correct answer for me even though it may not have been politically correct.  My weakness is that when researching an issue or a project, I sometimes do not know when to stop… Read more »

Learning Options Part Two: Online Options

Going back to thinking of learning options available as ordering from a menu in a restaurant as we did in part one, if we think of in-person learning as the entrée, online learning options are like an extra-large side dish that could almost be eaten as a meal by itself. Not so long ago, online… Read more »

How Do You Want to Learn Today?

Professionals who want to add new learning experiences have more options than ever that do not necessarily mean going back to college. In the past, learning something new often meant following the formal education process of an undergraduate degree and for some, a graduate degree. While this option is still ideal for some, there are… Read more »