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I have been seeing more than the usual amount of posts and articles on “toxic culture” in the workplace, poor leaders, and ineffective organizations.  And while I do appreciate the opportunity to continue to learn about these topics, I felt that this blog should not be focused on all of the ways leaders and organizations seem to screw up the workplace, but to instead focus on thanking some leaders I have encountered throughout my career who have helped grow me as a leader.

Thank You’s

Thank you to Ed who showed me how to make needed, bold business decisions with a continuous caring heart towards employees.

To Candice who demonstrated the power of the female leader growing in an organization based on definitive decision-making with no apologies long before it became headline news.

To Tom who took a small organization and grew it exponentially through his guidance, insistent on a family-focused culture, and knowing when to add or change strong leaders on his team.

To Sheri whose contagious passion about serving others by developing leaders is only matched by her curiosity to wonder what else can her organization do to exceed its mission.

To Tony who made sure his leadership team had business options A, B, and at least C for decisions that impact people and profit.

To Ernie who knew exactly when his team needed a dose of humor to get over a project roadblock.

And to the many other leaders in my life (Hint: Check my social media contact lists for a lot of them.) whom if I list here will require me to have a “long-read warning’ notice at the start of this post, thank you for your expressed wisdom and your demonstrated actions of courage, risk-taking, and compassion.  Your nuggets have helped frame and build my own leadership foundation.

As written in the book The Leadership Challenge, used in a leadership program I completed this earlier this year, and exemplified by that organization’s Executive Director, leaders need to Model the Way.  Thank you, Marcy for being a beacon of leadership modeling excellence.

As leaders, our actions and thank you’s speak loudest.  Thank a leader who has influenced you today.

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