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“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”  –Melodie Beattie, self-help book author

I know the words “thankful” and “work” typically do not go together.  Yet, we spend so much time at work, completing work projects, checking emails and social media, and building our professional skills and network that we ought to be thankful for work.  Don’t you think?

Here are the top three reasons I am thankful for work and my professional world this year.

Thankful for the connections I have made.  These connections are leading me down a career path I may not have found on my own.

Thankful for the challenging leadership experiences I have faced.  These have helped me learn to delegate better.

Thankful for learning new technology.  I learned about HootSuite, which saves me time on social media and Canva, which allows me to easily be more digitally creative.

What are you thankful for at your workplace?   

If you look around your workplaces, you might see and hear some gratitude too.  Maybe someone is even sending thanks to you.

Here is what I have heard around workplaces this year.

Thankful for my team stepping up this year to get our goals accomplished.

Thankful for the person who helped me rewrite my resume.  She helped me see the value my skills could bring to a new organization.

Thankful for my manager leaving the organization.  His replacement makes me want to come to work every day.  He encourages me to reach my professional and team goals.

Thankful for my company seeing the importance of volunteering in the community as much as I do.

Thankful for new uniforms that do not itch.

Thankful for the person in our office who mysteriously fills up the coffee supplies.  We never run out.  And buys the French Vanilla flavored coffee creamer.

Thankful for having a regular paycheck and a boss that respects me.

Thankful for the two people in our company who can explain our employee benefits in a way that I can understand them.

And even though many of us are looking for a new job, 71% according to a recent survey, there are still reasons to be thankful for work.  Whether you are looking fora new place to work or are in the 29 % content where you are, try to find something you are thankful for in your work, even if what you are thankful for is the action that caused you start looking for a new job in the first place.  Since gratitude is shown to increase positivity and help with emotional and physical wellness, let’s be thankful for work, even if your job is not ideal.

Why are you thankful for work?  Share your moments of gratitude from the professional part of your life.

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