What is the Message in Your 2020 Fortune Cookie?

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Two dictionaries have already declared “pandemic” the word of the year for 2020.  Not surprising.  As we head towards the end of the December, we continue to hear about the pandemic’s bleak outlook at least at the start of 2021.

Should the word gurus have also considered a word with a more positive connotation like “gratitude”?  Experts say finding gratitude in our lives can help us lead a more positive existence.

While gratitude has scientific backing for its mental health value, it is easy to forget to find gratitude every day.  For those of you who have a gratitude journal, hats off to you for incorporating it in your life.  For those who are not familiar with practicing gratitude daily (or even sporadically), here is a great primer.

We should all be experts in finding gratitude especially after this year’s struggles.  Wait! You’re not.  I propose something simpler that we can use to help us be grateful for ourselves and others.

fortune cookie messages

My favorite 2019 fortune cookie message

It starts with a fortune cookie.

Yes, a fortune cookie.

Have you ever cracked open a fortune cookie and found a message that aligned exactly with your current personal or professional situation?  You might have felt gobsmacked for a moment.  Some folks hold onto their fortunes for motivation or goal-setting.  And yes, others of you, wonder if every cookie has the same fortune and toss the slip of paper in the trash.

Fortune Cookie Writing 101

For this exercise, you get to write your own fortune.  The words that you need to hear to support you through these days that continue to be challenging.  Maybe it’s words of wisdom.  Maybe it’s a wish.  Maybe it is a feeling that has burdened your mind and heart for too long.

Your personal fortune cookie message is more than a prediction.  It’s a reminder of your potential that still exists.

Keep your fortune short and pointed towards success.

To get us started, here is my personal fortune cookie message:

Appreciate and apply what you learn on your new journey.

What will yours be?

Try this activity at work with your team.  Or at home over dinner.  It’s a great way to “check in” with a purpose and a takeaway.  Small sheets of paper not required.

Since 2020 is the year for baking, here is a fortune cookie recipe for anyone wanting to bake cookies for their own fortune.

I hope this exercise give you a moment of levity and affirmation during your day.  Share your fortune with us on our social media using the hashtag #myfortunecookie.

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