What We Do

Project-Driven Approach to Workplace Change

Businesses who fail to recognize that their workplace frameworks and processes need to shift alongside operational change often have a disconnect between employees and business goals.  I have seen this gap occur in both small business and nonprofit organizations who have limited staff often managing multiple unrelated responsibilities in their roles.  It’s easy to see why these disconnects happen.  Since all projects are marked important, no one project receives the attention it needs, leading to multiple unfinished projects.

That’s where I come in – working with a business to identify what workplace processes, employee practices, and internal communications should be evaluated for realignment with the organization’s new direction and then create, prioritize and execute projects.  With laser focus on what is most important to productivity and ROI, work gets done and the organization moves forward.

I offer a fresh perspective.  I am out of the forest so I can see the trees more clearly.

Who should reach out to us?

Business owners and leaders, nonprofits, HR staff, office managers – anyone whether by title or responsibility is charged with leading workplace change.

We are small business and nonprofit specialists!

Let’s get the conversation started with no obligation discussion about aligning your workplace with operational changes.